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Terms and Conditions of entry 


The following Terms and Conditions relate to entrants of triathlon events at Rutland water promoted by Rutland Marathon ltd.


1: Conditions of Entry. 

By entering any events by use of the online entry system, applicants are agreeing to abide by the following Terms & Conditions' as outlined below. The same conditions apply to those using part cash or full credit to enter an event.


2: Confirmation of Entry.
Completion of transactions through the online systems confirms the applicants place in the event for which they have applied. If you do not fully complete your application and pay the relevant fee you will not have a confirmed place in the event. We endeavour to solve any admin issues, but we cannot guarantee a place in the event for anyone not completing the process successfully. The online system will be closed two weeks prior to the event and no further claims will be considered.

Before the entry has been processed on our online entry system there is no relationship or obligation between this organisation and the participant. 


3: Race Information.

All necessary race information is published on the event website. Please note that provisional race information is subject to change. Updated details of any alterations to provisional race Information initially issued will be made available on the website no later than one week prior to the event date. It is the responsibility of event applicants to ensure that they have accessed the relevant information relating to their event. If you do not make it to the start line on time or register at the appropriate time you forfeit your entry in the event.


4: Competitor Withdrawal. 

If you need to withdraw from the event that you have entered, you accept that there are no refunds on full or part entry fees. You forfeit any claim to any credit associated with that event entry. 

Please note that we do not advertise unwanted race entries. 


5: Transferral of entries. 

Your entry is transferrable to another athlete until one month prior to the event date. After that point no transferrals will be considered.


Please note that not disclosing the transferral of entries between competitors is strictly forbidden as it invalidates insurances undertaken by the promoter to cover the event. The consequences of attempting such an undertaking by any competitor is so serious in jeopardizing the continuation of events that any athlete found to have passed their entry to another athlete without informing us and any event applicants found to have taken up that entry will be banned for life from all future events through the promoter and its sister companies. 


6: Credit Policy. 

If an event applicant cannot take part in the event for which they have applied, at the discretion of the promoter we will offer credit for future events. Credit will be minus any and all costs incurred in association with the entry. No credit application will be considered within 8 weeks of an event. We regret that we are unable to offer credit outside of these terms.


7: Refunds.

We do not offer refunds for unwanted race entries. These terms are clear and will be implemented without exception.  
We do not advertise unwanted race entries.


8: Registration. 

Details of race registration times will be posted on confirmed race information. All event applicants are required to attend registration within the times specified. Event applicants who do not attend registration within these times will not be allowed to race. It is the responsibility of event applicants to ensure they have accessed the relevant information relating to registration at their event. 


9: Photography.

The promoters maintain the right to use images and photographs taken by their contracted photographers and employees without informing or recompense to event applicants. These images can be used for promotional purposes as undertaken by the promoters and their partners, This will cover a range of possible uses including advertising press and media, printed information items, editorial coverage and any other promotion directly related to the promoters or their sponsors. 


10: Prizes. 

Prizes at each event will be awarded as published on the events website. 


11: Completion of Entry Form. 

It is the event applicants’ responsibility to ensure that the information is correct. You can always update your race entry via the real buzz members hub. Any changes to that information must be made before the race entry system closes. The promoters will endeavour to solve any problems that arise through incorrectly completed entry forms. If you fail to inform us of address changes and we send your race number to the address listed, you will have to cover the costs for a replacement race bib and timing chip. The fee will be around £5 but we will only every charge cost price. 


12: Late Entries. 

There are no late entries. You have until 2 weeks prior to an event to process an entry. Extensions will be granted at the discretion of the promoter.  


13: Event Changes. 

The above named Promoters have the right to change any event for the reason of safety without prior notice. 


14: Event Cancelation.

If for reasons beyond the control of the Promoters, including but not exclusively an 'act of nature' due to unforeseen, naturally occurring events that were unavoidable, the race/event, which event applicants have entered is cancelled or postponed,

we will automatically transfer you into race for the following year. 

We reserve the right to retain any costs incurred in the set up and promotion of the cancelled event

(including cancellation for Covid -19).
If the race is not available or not happening the following year, we will offer a race credit minus any costs incurred by the promoter to be redeemed against one of our other events. 


15: Right of refusal for entry. 

The Promoters maintain the right to refuse or revoke entry to any event applicants, where they believe that accepting the entry could prejudice the event. This right of refusal extends to include applications where acceptance is considered by the promoters to be likely to infringe upon the enjoyment of any persons connected with the event, including staff, marshals, volunteers & other competitors. 


16: Timing.

Event applicants are responsible for returning their timing equipment to race registration. If dropping out of the race, you must tell officials.

Anyone not returning their race chip will incur a fine of £50 and risk disqualification. They may also be banned from participation from future events.


17: Littering. 

Anyone littering on the course will be disqualified, Litter zones will be provided next to feed stations. Throw litter in these areas only or use the public bins around the course. This is not only against the event rules but is also illegal in this country and is a criminal act. We have no choice but to take this seriously and penalise anyone caught breaking this rule with disqualification. 


18: Race rules. 

A comprehensive race rules document will be published prior to the event. Please read these carefully. They will be published separately and within the athletes pack. They may be subject to change and amendments up to a week before the event. We will endeavour to inform participants of any changes, however it is the athlete’s responsibility to make sure that they are up to date. Amendments will be posted on the event website. You will follow all safety rules within the pre race information or you will be disqualified immediately. You also forfeit any claim to further services or association with the event as a result of a serious race rule breach. 


19: Event Applicants conduct.

It is the event applicants’ responsibility to ensure they conduct themselves in not only a courteous, but lawful manner. The event takes place on public areas and you will encounter people who aren’t competing. Anyone not adhering to local laws and byelaws automatically forfeits any association with the promoters. You will accept complete responsibility for your personal actions should it incur any complaint or legal action. The promoters will not accept liability for your actions should they incur this kind of attention. Anyone subject to such attention will be immediately disqualified. Marshalls on the course will also have the discretion and authority to enforce penalty to anyone not acting in a courteous manner to staff, the public or their fellow event applicants. 


20. Fitness to participate.

By registering for this event, you are accepting complete responsibility for, but not limited to, any discomfort, illness or injury while preparing for or taking part in this event. You also understand and acknowledge that participating may involve inherent risk that cannot be eradicated completely. You take responsibility and participate accepting this and assume all risk associated with your participation. 


By arriving on the start line you are confirming your ability to participate. It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure that they are fit and well. If you’re in any doubt, please consult a medical professional.  


21. Covid-19.

If the event is affected by covid 19 we reserve the right to make changes to the date, format and delivery of the event. There will be no refunds if the event is cancelled. We will transfer your entry to the next years event.


22. Participation.

By entering this event you are accepting that multisport events have inherent risks. You accept those risks and consequences arising from them. You also accept responsibility for your own actions and choices associated with participating in this event. You have your own public liability insurance via a day licence or British triathlon membership and will not pursue the promoter for any loses, damage or injury to yourself or others whilst taking part in any activity associated with this event.  


23. Event changes. 

We reserve the right to change the course the distance and the event layout for any reason. Under certain circumstances elements of the event may not be possible. If the swim, bike or run element are cancelled we will run the event in a shortened version. We will consult with our BTF colleagues regarding the next best option. 


24. Use of credit.

Anyone using event credit to enter the event is subject to any separate terms and conditions specific to their credit application and specified by the promoter..

Credit is non transferrable and must be used by the person listed as having credit due.

It can only be redeemed against event specific to that credit note.

Credit has no redeemable cash value.

Any credit Is to be redeemed within given timeframes or is forfeit by the applicant. 

We will not consider credit claims outside of the terms and conditions. 
credit does not cover any licences, admin fees or registration costs.
Credit offers can be revoked at any time. 

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