Open water swimmers in Whitwell creek

Practice Swim

Date: 10/09/2022

Start time: TBC

Price: Vitruvians - TBC

General entries - TBC

Age Limits: from 12yrs 

The swim session is your chance to try out the Vitruvian course

the day before the event. Everyone is welcome, from those getting their eye in for the triathlon event to those simply interested in a timed open water swim. 

Whats included in your entry? 

Chip timing

Safety crew support

Proper Swim cap (all silicone, no latex)

After swim refreshments

Free safety float hire

The Course

Vitruvian Swim course Map

The Vitruvian swim course is located on the edge of Whitwell creek. 

Swimmers have the opportunity to experience the course a day before the Vitruvian. 

Open water swimmers can jump in and experience the course and Vitruvians can limber up, sight the course and get ready for their big challenge on Saturday. 

Swimmers set off from the Harbour cafe before swimming out towards the main body of Rutland water. They then swim into Whitwell creek completing a loop of the course and exiting by the Watersports centre.

Entries coming soon


Wetsuits will be compulsory in temperatures less than 15C. 

Above 15 wetsuits are optional

Swim Floats

Swim floats are optional. We have plenty and you're welcome to loan one for free if you need one. 



Located at the main event site close to the Harbour Cafe. A small walk from the swim start


On site facilities

Parking - Loads at Whitwell. Turn up and pick a spot

Changing - Rutland Watersports and/or event tents (take your pick)

Toilets - near the start/finish, event site, Rutland Watersports

Showers - Rutland Watersports, hot showers are available

Food & drink - The crafty fox cafe and The Harbour cafe


Very welcome, lots of room on the bank, lots of parking, come along and make plenty of noise.